Bucket List

Why Create One?

§ Sketching of personal goals and plans.

§ A tangible output to speak of.

§ A bucket list is a reminder of what's really 
important so one can act on them.

§ Bucket list expands the context scope, 
whether it's jumping off a cliff in Malibu or making dinosaur omelettes, 
it sure tops To-Do-Lists in the spot.

§ Planning what you want for your whole life, 
providing us with a whole new layer of enthusiasm knowing what's in store ahead.

§ All boils down to maximising every moment of our existence 
and live life to the fullest.

Here we go! ~

- Ocean diving off a cliff -
- Drift a car -
- Sky diving -
- Dine in at least one of the top restaurants in the world -
- Kissing in a dark and starry night sky -
- Experience Aurora -
- Publish a book -
- Experience marine life upclose -
- Hot air balloon ride -
- Own a horse ranch -
- Spend white Christmas in New York -
- Cherry blossoms in Japan -
- Scariest roller coaster ride! -
- Board on difference cruises -
- Fall in love -
- Gain enlightenment (spend a month or two in meditation course) -
- Join charity, make something for a good cause -
- Visit churches around the world -
- Cultivate a book per month kinda habit -
- Paris Paris PARIS!

Last but not least.. Dance for life.