Red Velvet

 For in this realm of life, there are no accidents whatsoever - Sigmund Freud

Lifting the lid, a wave of steamy aroma came rising from the stew. Smiling, final swirl with a wooden spoon to make sure every single element was well coloured -- the finely chopped garlic, diced onions, powdered spices, dashes of red and a bouquet-garni. Constantly reminding herself that the last thing she would wished for, was burnt stew and sending her next move to a halt. With no hesitation, Scarlet shoved the pieces of lamb cubes scattered on the chopping board into the jumble. A perfect way to sum up her masterpiece she glimmers.

Baa-baa stew, she calls it, has been sitting on the stove for approximately 6 hours to the tick, so did she, standing over the heat and looking after her pot of flavours. On a constant stirring motion, her stew overtaking her entire vision slowly, a witch's cauldron started to bubble. Thinking to herself, what if all that had happened with Josh was nothing yet a perfected vision sculpted? "Ding!" Alarmed by a message tone, she snapped and remembered... DARN! Turned carrots should have gone in before the lamb cubes.

By luck or by charm. Above all but self harm.