Yokoso Japan! *Hokkaido*

Finally got sometime to update my blog! First of all, I wanna wish everyone a Happy New Year and may 2010 b a joyous and blessed year, perfect 10 that is! =D On the other hand, 3 more weeks n I'll b leaving for Perth. Can't say that m looking forward cz my friends and family will b in Msia. =/ well, m just hoping for the best for myself *fingers crossed!*

Went for a family trip to Hokkaido, Japan, accompanied by some friends too! As for the trip, I really enjoyed myself and am already missing there. Among all the trips I've been to, I would rank this number 1 in my list, Hokkaido's scenery is simply breathtaking, as for food, need I say more? AWESOME! will elaborate more on that with pics in this post. =) *there're tons of pics bcz me n my bro couldn't stop snapping away with his new DSLR*

Besides that, Japan is very well known for its cleanliness, top service and well mannered citizens. U'll see smiles everywhere u go and most importantly, tourists r always welcomed with heartwarming greetings. What makes this trip even more enjoyable and memorable is...... the snow of course! I would describe it as cotton candy snow, enjoyed the snowball-wars! =) And of course, hot springs! One would never be considered have been to Japan if they missed out the hot springs! As for the ladies, what's even more tempting is the aftercare products they prepared for customers after enjoying a relaxing steamy hot dip: Shiseido lotions, facial products and the best shampoo and soaps. Would rate the entire trip 10/10!

Day 1

was already all perked up in KLIA =)

KLIA's Jalan Alor

Me and Jerome *cards battle while waiting to board*

Took the red eye and arrived at Narita Airport

Lunch time! *starving*


Domestic flight to Hakodate, one of the most beautiful port cities in Japan

Cute mochis everywhere!

No food which eventually leads to this

but no worries, free food sample wherever u go LOL

Arrive at last!

First stop: Old Port Store Street

*how I wish upon a star*

surrounded with teddybears!

We had lots of seafood throughout the entire trip but I must say that the scallops r just gigantic!

See for yourself! =)

Xmas decoration everywhere

One of the world's most magnificent night views from the top of Mt. Hakodate

Buffet dinner! yums!


Didn't manage to enjoy the number 1 resort's hot spring because was too tired n went to sleep instead, what a waste! and it was only 8pm O.O

Day 2

Started the day with visiting the famous Hakodate morning market.

Amazing scenery I snapped on the road

Crabs, crabs n more crabs!

abalone and sea urchin

the clingy daughter and the dearest daddy

Asahi beer! Syok! *poser 1*

*poser 2* lol

Newly assigned tour managers. xD

Then arrived at our next destination - Lake Toya, a volcanic caldera lake which is also Japan's 3rd largest hot spring area.

wonders how he can pose steadily while m freezing to death! simply amazing. lol

the siblings

"I'm the king of the world"

God, I really do miss the snow already!


Ichiban! *mommy dearest n I*

Bear Range *gigantic bears, srsly*


Spotted a "sakai" tour bus

Spent the night at Noboribetsu Hot Spring resort which is also very famous in Hokkaido after a long day and we can't wait to pamper ourselves in the hot springs already but first! Buffet dinner time!

Wearing yukatas "Japanese garments, casual summer kimonos made of cotton" which were provided by the resort, heading to the restaurant for dinner then hot spring session. =)

kinda scary pic bt loving it

Nana n YiJia

unlimited fresh sashimi and tempura

giant scallops again

A stroll at the streets

Day 3

Snow mobile time! Really enjoyed the magnificent snow hill scenery, gorges and great ravines.

Rowena snow boots -.-

Which was quite funny at first because I thought that everyone in the tour group has a pair of custom-made snow boots but then I found out Rowena's just a brand so yea...

Tada!!! Funkayyy...

Breathtaking indeed

After tht, checked in to our next resort, Rusutsu Ski Resort. I loveeeee this resort!!! It reminds me of Lotte World, Korea somehow. =) All sorts of snow activities can be found here... skiing, snowboarding, snow-mobiling, etc.

buffet lunch *mouthwatering pastries! Japanese cream puff is a MUST TRY!*

camwhore a lil b4 the feast!

Don't you just love the scenery

Bro enjoying the powdery snow

decided to have French cuisine for dinner

maybe I should consider acting? NAH! xD

diff types of carriages in the resort

Day 4

checked out from the grand resort with heavy hearts =/

fresh mountain water

mommy dearest and bro


Visited Otaru Canal

Music box shop

Stopped by some shop along the streets for scallops again!

This was what the 4 of us had! YUMS!

Then lunch again *which means makan again*

continued exploring *headless countess?*

Visited Sapporo landmark - Hokkaido's former Government Building

Jerome behind me trying to spoil the pic. lols

Shopping time after tht!

Susukino entertainment area

Dinner at Ramen Yokocho Street *juicy gyoza*

Day 5

The Olympic Ski Jump at Okurayama

massive seafood lunch =D

Headed over to shopping heaven after tht!!! Hokkaido's factory outlet!


Buffet dinner AGAIN! =D

Day 6

Our luggage... O.o

Last bfast in Japan b4 leaving

Fooled around with bro's camera in the plane

M already missing Japan! Wonderful trip with sweet memories which I truly enjoyed with family and friends! tht's it for now! More posts coming soon, さようなら! *Sayonara* =)