Short Post

Went for bfast with daddy dearest just now since he booked my entire morning schedule last night... We were planning to go Summer Palace for the YUMMIEST dimsum, however, after waiting with much anticipation for the whole night and finally reaching there, the guard told us it's under renovation... SIGH!!! Y oh Y!!!

Then we went to one of the many restaurants in the Gardens instead...

Will rate it later... Here r the picss...

Xiao Long Bao

Siew Mai

My shrimp wanton noodle

Sesame tang yuan with red bean paste

My opinion......... the food SUCKS! Seriously... besides that, it's way too overpriced... The Xiao Long Baos tasted like the typical ones out there bt the siew mai.. omgoodness me... they're the weirdest siew mai i've ever had in my 20 years of life eventhough they LOOK nice... The shrimp wanton mee i had was tasteless... Conclusion's that the so called "wanton" and "siew mai" tasted just like XLB... *this meal just reminds me of the dimsums I had in ShangHai years ago, where everything looks different bt tastes the same* lol...

Ratings : 2/10

However, bfast with dad's still nice n we're definitely going Summer Palace next weekend for yummy REAL dimsums... =)

Tht's all for now.. am gonna continue with my ARSE-signmentsss bt will update real soon with tons of picssss...