Live Life to the Fullest

M so busy with assignments recently, i didn't even have time for my novels and blog! haha... Anyways, Mr. Kenneth made us watch "The Secret" for our movie review assignment, it's basically about law of attraction, like if u focus on something good or positive and strive towards it, u WILL achieve it and ur life would most likely to b perfect... *sounds too good to b true though*

Went to Jarod and Rawlins for lunch right after class with petite lil Manda, Michy and Camie... =) It's somewhere near Help n the food's reallllyyy good! We ordered a beef burger with french fries, raw salmon baguette, mashed potatoes *yummm* and egg mayo sandwiches... The meal's very satisfying eventhough the baguette was like rock hard... haha...

Jarod and Rawlins

Then the next day, went for banana leaf with my buddy in Nirwana, very nice! :) It's in Bangsar, right opposite Bangsar Village 2 and it's always packed...

Mom bought me my fav! =)

and this! love this snack!

Last week, went to Look-out Point at Ampang with Aden, Reeves n Amanda... Had dinner in Gasoline Cafe...

my Plumple *plum + apple* lol...

Aden's signature pose


Then we went up the hill... It was very dark bt the night view of KL was awesome...

Me, Aden, Amanda

Unfortunately, when we decided to go home, Reeve's car gave up on us and we're stuck there for approximate time : 2 hours... lol... so we ended up taking pics while waiting for a fren to fetch us...

Last Saturday, another outing with the gang... Went to Sunway Pyramid and karaoke session of cz!

Lai, Nana *my new fav top from Pull & Bear~*

R & W

Amanda, Aden, Wyndi

My babe!

Poser Max!


He's acting cute.. LOL


Well, tht's all for now, gonna get ready for jogging session with frens!