Prosperous Mooo Year


Visited relatives and friends, besides tht, watched lion dance at one of my family friend's place...

Exploding Firecrackers

which was really really loud, i thought i was gonna go deaf after that... -.-

Since when do they get to rest?

The "lions"

Glamour~ Glamour


Everything's nice except the weather, freaking hot... After that, went to Pavilion with my family, shopping shopping!


One Utama day! Had lunch in Dragon-i... In my opinion, the decorations there r really nice, ancient Chinese style with a modern twist, however the food there r just mediocre... Then mom bought some tops from Forever 21...

Chiffon Ruffle front *my fav*

There's a wide selection of outfits there, elegant, trendy, etc... Gonna drag Mei there next weekend since she can't wait to shop either...

Played mahjong and kept getting 10 fan... haha... good starting point of the year for a Taurus like me perhaps...

Yiu Gao

Qun tong ji

and again!


Shangri-La lobby's decorations

Nice right!? :)

Tht's all for now!