Short Post ~> Officially 19 =)

I m officially 19 years old today! :)

Celebrated with my boo in our park while countdowning till midnight... Many unexpected surprises *actually not only tonight, throughout the whole relationship too!!!* Thank You God for Your blessings. Thanks daddy, mommy, grandmere and dearest koko for being there for me n supporting me no matter what... =) Thanks to my babes who wished me oso, will hang out with ya'll soon which is after my dreadful finals... x.x Last but not least, thanks to the guy who made tonight special for me, Ian... I love the "picnic" and present... P/s: U're really making it tough for me ler, i bet u know what i mean... :p

Anyways, it's quite late already, gotta hit the sack... Nitey nite! Enjoy Labour Day!