~ Irresistible ~

Went to the cinema yest, watched 10,000 B.C. Movie's not bad... Graphic's nice... The poster of the movie's quite interesting too, there's a man whose named D'Leh *if I'm not mistaken* and a beast, tiger, wadever, named Spear Tooth *cool name* in the poster... And, the beast even has a tribe of his own *I suppose*.. Spear Tooth's kinda cute n YENG bt he appeared twice in the movie only~ :/ Before that, went to Kim Marie saloon with Ian, he had his haircut, at first it looked kinda puffy n we were kinda shocked n couldn't stop laughing, he even said tht he looked like a puffy fish... LOL~ Bt seriously, he looks cute in his new hairstyle, jz tht the hairstylist who styled for him yest is kinda inexperienced~ DD had his haircut last week, he kept on complaining bout it too... GUYS~ XD

Just went out with my Intro to Research Methods' group members, Marilynn and Muzaffar excluding Dee cz she's sick, get well soon girl~ N-e-ways, we're working on eating behaviors, so were observing other people while they're eating... Kinda weird bt fun at the same time... Comp mid-term exam's tmr, studying now... Can't access to stupid My Acel... URGH!

Next Tues, appointment again~ Thursday parents r going to China, dad's having a meeting over there which some world class neurosurgeons will b attending too... Besides that, mom'll sure go shopping cz tht's whut she usually does when she's in China... Mayb m having steamboat dinner with J, I, D at my place on Thurs... Grandmere wants me to accompany her to church next week, so yea... Gonna meet up with my ex-church friends there~ Easter day, Easter EGGS! YAY! They're adorable.. :p

Some stuff r jz too irresistible to keep away from 'em... For example, piercings... Have 6 of them now... Addiction, I think~ Well, one thing's for sure ... ...
"U" are irresistible n I'm loving it...

Have a nice day peeps!


Rowena ^^v