Happy Happy CNY~ Buhbye Bro!!! :'(

Chinese New Year was FUN bt TIRING~ Zzz... Went to my relatives n friends' houses with family... Some pics of me n family in my house~

Family Potrait * First attempt, distorted pic by maid.. ish~*

2nd attempt, HAIH!!! Okok la... although senget a bit... -.-

Beloved Daddy n Mua with 'gam giat' which means prosperity~

Daddy n me again, love the decorations a lot... Credits to my family n I~

Bro n Daddy... 2 doctors~ :p

My God... He's in love with the AngPaos!!! Ngehehe~

Baby Shiro joining the fun~

Trying to act like typical elegant Chinese girl n KungFu Master! XD

LOL! Don't need to explain much yea~

Siblings' AngPaos obsession~

Well, tht's some of the pics of me n my gems during CNY~ Hyper active during the day... N guess what happens in the night... Da Da Dum!!!

Busy busy people managing accounts... XD

Other than that, went to Alvin's house to play Wii at about 3 in the morning yesterday... =.=" Anyways, Wii's fun!!!

Well, jz fetched bro to KL Sentral wif my family... He's going back to Aussie tonight.. Sob sob.. :'( We'll gonna miss u heaps AGAIN n also the karaoke night sessions we had for the past few weeks!!! Best wishes to u bro, we love u! :) *I'll b waiting for u to come back then we can play Wii together including Fatal Frame 4 which is coming out soon!* ohoho~

Valentine's around the corner, babes~ May all of u b with ur love ones n for those who're gonna confess to the ones they love, GOOD LUCK!!! For me, most probably m gonna hang out with my CH gang tht day... Adious for now... Happy Chinese New Year!!!