Happy CNY!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai~

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!! Hope u guys enjoy ur holidays~~~

Well, m getting kinda busy nowadays, spending time with family and frens, don have the time to reply my babes in msn.. apologies yea~
Last week, helped my family decorated our house with CNY decorations... Love it...

Then, last Sunday, Ween came to my house to discuss our Moral project, Theories of Personality Virtues... Went to have dimsum with my family.. Then Ween n I went to Times Square, we wanted to catch a movie at first bt we went shopping instead~

The Lion head in Times Square~

Camwhoring in shops as usual~

After that, we went for some neo prints in Times Square bt the pictures turn out to b a big time horror for us... No unique decorations or effects, talk bout satisfaction... NOT!!! Then we ran to Sungei Wang for another try... At last, they turn out pretty good... Satisfied~ haha...

31st of Jan, which was last Thursday, went to Sungei Wang with my ol' girlfriend, Chui Mei *she's super sweet n gorgeous~*... Now i love calling her MeiMei for no reason~ ^^ We went for lunch together n gossiped n talked bout how we missed each other during high school, chatted bout our own lives too... It's been so long since we last did that... Well, won't wanna lose our 12 years friendship, love u MeiMei~ After that, we went for new piercings!!! Love them to the max! Gonna get another 1 again soon... :p

N-e-ways, last Friday, first day of February *time passes very fast, yes, indeed*... Went out with Bubu... Met up with his sisters n cousins, they're sweet... :) Then Bubu n I had our breakfast in Sungei Wang n i bought some stuff there... After that, we went to Selayang... At first, we wanted to give Playboy *a cute guy whom I always call 'en dao gia' which means hunk in Hokkien* a surprise infront of his shop bt he was busy *sob sob*...

So we went to Kepong Jusco instead... watched a movie there then went for lunch in some restaurant which Bubu's fren works in... We ordered claypot chicken which was kinda spicy... Bt it was too spicy for him, he actually ordered 4 glasses of ice water n used up almost the whole box of tissue... XD *gosh, i feel so bad*...

Then at last, Playboy actually spared some time to meet up with us there... Tht was the 2nd time us meeting each other... :) Then Bubu's fren sat down n chatted with the 3 of us too.. It was kinda awkward cz I thought I scared the hell outta them bt hopefully not.. :( After that, we decided to head home... Then I followed Playboy's car cz not used to the area although Bubu was in my car.. Suddenly, an ah pek in a lorry who was talking on the phone nearly banged Playboy's car n we were all shocked... *Luckily Playboy's ok... :) * HOWEVER, I tot the ah pek'll b more careful, noooo.... He nearly banged my car after that... N he gave tht irritating look n I was like *WHAT THE HELL!!!*... well, DO NOT TALK ON THE PHONE WHILE DRIVING! If u wanna harm urself, go on bt don't harm others too...

L.W. called n asked me out for a drink to have some talk next Tues... =.= surprising... Well, mayb m going out with Bubu, ChiuWen n Playboy next Tues though, so, we'll c.. ^^

p/s (1): EUGENE!!!! M totally SPEECHLESS AD!!!! =.=

p/s (2): KhaiBing, if u wan ur cookie, come take if u can~ ohoho... :p

Tht's all for now, peeps~ To be continued... ADIOUS~