2nd year Uni Life~ *19/02/08*

19/02, went to Ween's place with baby Ann, Ian n Dickson... At first, Ween n I wanna complete our progress report for EN 102, bt in the end... We lepak lepak instead.. :p *We camwhored soooo much, jz chose some of the pics to upload...*

Baby Ann sitting on Dickson... LOL

Ann n Dickson........ nothing at first......

LOL, his turn to bully her~

Nana n Ian on Ween's bed...

After tht, HAMBURGER! TADA!!! *Ian, Ann, Dickson*

Then we were kinda bored, so I ended up playing mahjong with the mahjong kakis, Ween n Ian... It was fun...

Ian's "Tin Wu" SOOO LUCKY!!!

Then we went to Tea Comic for lunch... Talked, gossiped laughed n camwhored with them... *Bt actually, we were jz trying really hard to take picture of each other n hiding ourselves from the cameras...*

Dickson! He's the one who kept trying to take pics of others!

Ian n Nana... Candid by Ween! ISH~

Devil-ish Dickson AGAIN! Aiyoyo...

Ween n Dickson... LOL~

Ian hiding from the camera.. :p

Ween n Dickson again~

After that, we sent Ann back home... We were caught in the jam for 2 hours, poor honey Ween got so tired of driving because of the shtoopit jam... Then, her mom whom I call lenglui jie jie packed some Asam Laksa for me, nice! I was so tired tht Ian offered to drive us back to Bangsar, thx babe! Tiring bt happy day~ toodles!