Dreams n Disappointments~

Well, well, m back to update my bloggie again~~~

## Games : Completed Fatal Frame 2 with my bro last midnight, however, the ending sucks big time... *which I don't understand either~* ^^ n I finished the game, Kingdom Hearts 2 during the holidays with my bro... Sweet smell of successsss~ YESH~ Indeed... :p

## Confessions : No idea what's with some guys nowadays, not tht I'm saying it's wrong for guys to confess to girls who they like, bt please, if she rejects, move on with life, there's no point for u to continue being all drowsy n drooly all over her, it's scary, get it?

## Guys : As usual... Weird feelings're starting to haunt me badly... FOCUS!!! FOCUS!!!

## Unexpected morning call : Kim msg-ed me this morning telling me tht Fasilito wants to train us to b professional world class Salsa dancers... Unbelievable bt O-SO-True~ Fasilito here is a well known Salsa instructor, performer and choreographer in South East Asia and also is a well known Malaysia’s first salsa dance instructor who started way back in the early 90’s when South American dances were introduced in the KL city... M flattered bout his interest in training us bt no time and m flying to Aussie next year.. mayb after my studies~ ^^

## Unexpected invitation : A fren of mine, J, is organising a concert which will b held at the end if this year n invited me to perform solo on stage which is singing... M very flattered bt too bad, had to reject due to the same problem I had for Salsa dancing...

## Assignments : 2nd week of uni, hhmmm... nothing much though, except assignments r starting to pile... Really hope tht this sem is not as scary as how I think it would be~

Well, tht's all for now babes... Adious n have a great day!!!