2008!!! Woohoo~~~ Gala countdown dinner was superb!

Goodbye year 2007, Hello year 2008~~~ New Year, New Life n a New Beginning for everyone... Well, gotta leave the past behind me now n will b focusing on my future now.. ^^
Here r some pics of me, my bro n my baby Shiro during 2007 X'mas~~~

Rowena n Baby Shiro under da Christmas tree~

Bro acting cute AGAIN!!! ARGH!!!! *or mayb he wanted to act like David Blaine, floating around during Christmas~~~* XD

Bro n Baby Shiro~

Then yest which was the 31st of December, year 2007, attended a gala countdown dinner which was organized by the Kiwanis of Bangsar, my dad was the previous president of the club n my mom's one of the committee member... Hanged out with my family n friends a lot and get to know some new friends too which was awesome and there were so many kinds of performances, for example, Ballroom dances, Latin dances, Belly dances, Hair Fashion show and even an auction event~ However, it was a very tiring night for us Salsa gurls because we had to perform Salsa, be some kinda showgirl during the auction thingie, joined the line dance session and of cz~ PARTAY LIKE A ROCKSTAR!!! XD Well, we tried our best to take as many pics as possible but everyone was like getting wild on the dance floor, so, hhmmm~~~ N-e-ways, the performance went very well and we enjoyed ourselves!!! WOOHOO~~ SALSA ROX!

Kim, Marissa, Rowena *Getting ready in the changing room before our performance*

During the rehearsal~

Daddy! Daddy!

Pucker up!!!

Cheers, party people~

Us~ Having fun with the camera~

AND... AGAIN~~~ *nervous bout the performance!*

Children's Waltz Performance~ *Cute Shaun n his partner*

Shaun n his partner again~ Adorable~ kinda blur.. tsk tsk~

SOOOO CUTE!!! the girl's like 6 years old n the boy's 8 and they're champions!

As for our performance, no pics bt there're videos~ right at the bottom! ^^

Please Don't Stop The Music!!! Nana n Kimmy~


Salsa Gurls~ *Kim, Rowena, Marissa*

Hot Mamasssss~~~

Us gurls again~

Stella n me~ Friends since lil' kids~

Cool couple!

Love them!!!

Salsa gurls n a hottie MAMA!

He's definitely shy and acting like a prey~ buahaha~

Max n us gurls~

The man whom I love the most~


CUTE! Marissa's parents~ They're very nice~

Then Kim stayed over at my place~~~ PICS AGAIN!!! We were chatting and laughing like mad gurls~~~ XD

Kim n Rowena~

Nitey nite peeps!!!

This afternoon, went to Midvalley's Sushi King for lunch with Kim, bro n his friends... Was soooo tired~~~

Friends from Australia~

YES~~~ we look tired~~~

Nice trees~~~


Tango by Francis n my dad's younger brother *they're super professionals~*

Auction Time! Uncle Leon's explaining bout the V.S.O.P *expensive wine* while I was standing beside the MC......... doing nothing~


Rowena ^-^