Cooking Competition.. PFFT!!! XD

It all started with a cooking competition which was organized by my Msian Studies group.... At first, we're quite kelam kabut.. Ween n I were so frustrated bout the portable gas stoves last night, this morning, had some technical difficulties bt it all went well~ Ck fetched me early in the morning with my gas stove and kuali n met up with the other team mates...
After everything's set up, the contestants were asked to cook fried rice which is a very common n plain dish bt our SUPERB CLASSMATES came out wif some very CREATIVE "fried rice"... Here r some pics which were taken by me n it was fun! XD

First contestant!!! Marcus~~~

He's cooking like a professional chef now~ XD

Second contestant!!! William!

Third contestant!!! Tarra!!! *the only female contestant too..* :p

Fourth contestant... The 3 musketeers!!! LOL~ cant fit them into 1 pic... -.-

AND... the last contestant!!! David!!!

This was actually his first time cooking n believe me... Really first time touching some kuali n cook.. hahaha.. once he arrived, he dumped the rice into the kuali first then poured lotsa oil... :s THEN, SOYA SAUCE... -.- which is kinda disgusting.. hahaha...

Belle's having so much fun looking at David cooking... XD

David's masterpiece! *a whole piece of chicken meat + tons of oil + eggssssss + ikan billis = SUPER OILY N WEIRD!!!*

look at the oil dripping~~~ @.@

Michelle: " OMG DAVID, whut is that???"

In the end, EVERYONE helped David out with his unique fried rice including me.. XD

Yay~~~ Ween n Ben actually got the chance to play masak masak at last!!!

Yes indeed, guys who can cook attract girls! LOL~ *the gurl's fainting... XD

At last, they're all done with their 'fried rice' and the team mates tried them out...
And we decided that first place goes to.....

MARCUS!!!!!!! *Western style.. very creative!*

Second place goes to... Tarra!!! *spicy and nice! Indian style~*

Third place goes to... William!!! *chinese style~*

Fourth place goes to... The 3 Musketeers!! *Malay style~*

And the last place goes to!!!!! David......... didn't manage to capture his fried rice because everyone's running away from It... But still, Stephanie came by and she loved his fried rice... Well, it's seriously one of a kind because it's cooked by EVERYONE!!! XD
I'll give him the originality award because whatever he sees, he'll dumped them into the kuali... and it turned out edible at last!!! Syok!!! *I think he used half a bottle of soya sauce too.. @.@*

Videos of the cooking competition from Kim~ *apologies for the difficulties of viewing it..* :p

David cooking while being kacau-ed by us... swt

Everyone's cooking including me... Note the professional chef, Marcus, flipping his rice in the air.. LOL~

Well, everyone had fun n is super tired after the competition... My legs and feet hurt badly right now... Yest night, 6~9:30, was busying with the Salsa choreography with Kim and our dance instructors... We really need to practice a lot n think what we could do to add some spice into the dance because we're gonna perform on New Year's eve!!!

Speaking of performance, tmr's my singing concert!!!! ARGH!!! M gonna sing 4 songs on stage...

Hope i won't embarass myself... T.T

Well, gotta practice for tmr's performance!!! Adious peeps!!!