Uni Life *Take Two!*

Tmr gotta hand in my Human Personality assignment bout reflecting my personalities based on the psychologist's theory, then Interactive Psychology mid-term, then gotta finish up my in-house seminar reportsssss which i need to hand in by Wed... I think i'm gonna dream of Freud, Erikson, Horney, Jung, Maslow or even Adler... They're so fantastic, so famous in the Psychology world, came up wif SOOOOOOOO many theories for us to STUDY and MEMORIZE~~~ Seriously, they r soooooooo "nice".. "Love" them soooooo much~~~~~~

Other than tht, mayb m going out wif Ween this week to find her gown n my shoes.. XD then Thurs, like oways, Salsa class!!!!! Sunday, Augustine's bday... aish~~~ Good luck Ween~~ ohoho...

Gotta continue wif my ARSEsignment n studies~ Adious~

*mid-term* 2 more chapters to go... Love & Relationships